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    Dazzling Indian-Scottish-Punjabi Wedding Wows Guests With Bagpipe And Dhol Drum Procession


    Take a look at the Indian-Scottish wedding of the century as woodwind bagpipes meet dhol drums in this eclectic joining of cultures.

    Arun Bhopal, 24, filmed the couple's entrance to the reception and enjoyed the festivities of his Scottish-Indian sister's big day, as she wed her Punjabi groom on the 21 August in London.

    Arun said: "My favourite memory of the day is seeing the smile on my sisters face and seeing my family from Scotland come to celebrate.

    "These weddings truly bring family together and that’s what I loved about it."

    The musical masterpiece couldn't have happened without the incredible instruments declaring the happy couples arrival.

    He continued: "Punjabi weddings can last the whole day, starting as early as 9am and finishing until midnight."


    Date posted: 09/09/22 Credit: Arun Bhopal via ARK Media
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