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    Dad ‘Attacked’ With Metal Pole After Confronting Carjackers


    A dad filmed the terrifying moment he was 'attacked' with a metal pole after he confronted a group of carjackers.

    David Rakotoson, 34, a fire engineer, from London, was enjoying a family trip to Blackpool's Sandcastle Waterpark on April 30, and parked in a public car park nearby.

    The dad-of-one went back to his car later on in the day to pick up a jacket, when he spotted that his car was propped up on jacks by two men, who he believes were trying to steal the catalytic converter.

    David tried to confront the men and ask what they were doing, when one of them swung a red metal bat at him, before leaving the scene in their own car.

    David said: "I wanted to stop them before police arrived, but they were armed and there were too many of them.

    "I confronted them, and was attacked by one of them with metal bat.

    "There were at least five different people who confirmed they had their catalytic converter cut out from their car on the same day in Blackpool."


    Date posted: 11/05/22 Credit: ARK Media
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