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    Cyclops Baby Goat Born With Two Eyes In One Socket Shocks Milkmaid


    You've 'goat' to be kidding: this kid was born on a Virginia farm with an array of deformities including a singular eye socket.

    Cheri Peraino, a 42 year old milkmaid in Amelia County, Virginia, was stunned to find a female Nigerian Dwarf goat stillborn with one large eye and a double pupil.

    Amongst the five kids born on the BadMoonRizn farm on 3 May, the affectionately named 'Eyes Princess' was the only goat with a deformity.

    Veteran mother 'Winter Wonderland' has birthed many healthy babies in her life but this little goat was a bewildering exception.

    The day started off as any other day would with a morning milking, but when Cheri went to check on heavily pregnant Wonderland, she realised that she had not eaten her meal the night before and was not showing the usual signs of labouring .

    Cheri said: "She never started pushing so I went get oil to help lube up and go in further, I found the baby in a bad position with her back to me.

    "I broke the bubble so I can work on repositioning her and I found her head but she wasn't right."

    The kid was not cooperating despite the milkmaid's efforts, until with 'some pressure and lube she slid out.'

    Her eyes were both in one central eye socket on the front of her face, much to Cheri's disbelief.

    Taken aback by her deformed face and stuck out tongue, she quickly realised the kid was not breathing.

    Cheri continues: "I wrapped her in a towel and held her for several minutes like I would any baby, she needed love.

    "I put her in a Ziplock bag and then put her in the freezer to preserve her."

    Wonderland is very sore but recovering well.



    Date posted: 11/05/22 Credit: Cheri Peraino via ARK Media
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