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    Cute Dog Looks Baffled When She Can’t Spot Owner In Hide And Seek Challenge


    These owner decided to play a hide and seek challenge with her dog with adorable results.

    Kathryn Sangalang, 19, decided to play hide and seek with her dog at her home in Los Angeles and could be seen throwing a ball for her 10-month-old bernadoodle Stormi .

    As Stormi chases the ball, Kathryn quickly hides under the blanket and out of view from the adorable pooch.

    When returning the ball, Stormi stops in her tracks and looks around for her owner, confused at how she disappeared.

    Kathryn said: "I was playing hide and seek with Stormi and she couldn’t find me under the blanket.

    "As I was under the blanket, I kept wondering if she was going to find me, she never did find me."


    Date posted: 15/02/23 Credit: ARK Media
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