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    Curious Wild Bear Attempts To Get Into Family Car


    As this family was driving through Manitoba, they came across a wild bear who wanted to join them for the ride. 

    Jessica Hardt, 30, was travelling through Canada with her husband and her daughter Winnie, when a curious wild bear looking for food blocked their way on the road. 

    As the family couldn’t pass the bear, they stopped near to let the bear continue on its way but the wild animal decided to come straight for their car and inspected it. 

    Clambering up against the window, Jessica captured as the bear checked them out and peered into their car, even moving to the back window where daughter Winnie was sitting. 

    Eventually the bear gave up its search and continued on its way through the wilderness. 

    Jessica said: “A bear was on the road and we couldn’t pass so we stopped and he wanted to check us out!

    “We were completely shocked but as it was a very dry season, there were many bears out looking for food.”


    Date posted: 04/01/23 Credit: @hardtjessixa via ARK Media
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