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    Crazy MMA-Style Raptor Battle Between Barn Owl And Kestrel


    A female kestrel duels a much larger barn owl in a bid to take over the nest - both wish to use the nest to breed and lay eggs, but who will win?

    The unsuspecting barn owl was affronted by the kestrel on 7 January, and the ensuing battle saw the birds locking legs to prevent their opponent escaping and plenty of jostling to get pecks and bites in.

    The wildlife ecologist who set up the nest boxes in Haifa, Israel, Dr Motti Charter, said: "Typically the larger the bird the better the chances.

    "But this time the smaller kestrel was the one that tried to attack the much larger barn owl."


    Date posted: 04/08/22 Credit: Charter Group Birdcams via ARK Media
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