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    CCTV Shows Woman Getting Scared By Early Morning Delivery Driver


    This CCTV showed the moment an unexpected delivery driver gave this woman an early fright. 

    30-year-old Kayla Neece was getting ready for the morning at home in Kingsport, Tennessee, when her daughter went to go and start the car ready to leave. 

    However, unknown to her, at the same time a delivery driver was walking down their path. 

    As she turned around, she jumped at the site of the poor man, before he left her package and continued on his route. 

    Luckily Kayla captured this all on her CCTV as her daughter slumped back inside after the ordeal. 

    Kayla said: “My daughter went to start my car for school and as she walked out the door, a delivery driver spooked her.”



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    Date posted: 20/01/23 Credit: ARK Media
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