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    CCTV Captures Moment Woman’s Car Rolls Off Driveway Into Road


    A Ring camera captured a woman’s quick reflexes as she managed to stop her car crashing into her neighbours house after it began rolling off her driveway.

    21-year-old Bethany Harper parked her car on the drive after getting home from work in Yorkshire and went to unlock her front door.

    However, as Bethany was unlocking the door, the CCTV captured her car slowly rolling back down the drive and into the road, heading towards her neighbours house on the opposite side of the road. 

    Luckily she turned around and noticed her car on the move and quickly ran after it, jumped into the driver's seat and stopped the car in time. 

    Bethany said: “As I was unlocking the door coming home from work, I turned around and noticed my car rolling back. 

    “I was shocked as I thought I had pulled my handbrake up all the way but apparently not. 

    “Lots of people online have found it funny and amazed I caught it in time.” 


    Date posted: 21/09/22 Credit: ARK Media
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