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    Cat Climbs Curtains To Chase After Hidden Mouse


    A cat owner thought they were capturing their pets amazing climbing skills but unbeknown to them, they were actually hunting a tiny mouse.

    Real estate negotiator Holly Wright, 24, was at her home in London, when she noticed her one year old cat Milo climbing the curtains on June 28.

    Wanting to capture the moment, Holly started recording Milo, unaware of the reason he was clambering up the curtains.

    As she watched on, she noticed a small mouse start running across her curtain pole and started screaming, while Milo continued to chase the rodent.

    Her other cat Tom watched on as the chaotic events unfolded.

    Holly said: "I found it hilarious as I was extremely surprised.

    "I genuinely didn't see the mouse at first so was shocked when I finally saw it.

    "Everyone has found the video funny but surprised it took me so long to spot the mouse."


    Date posted: 30/06/22 Credit: ARK Media
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