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    Cat Accidentally Locked Owner Outside Apartment


    This woman accidentally got locked out of her apartment after her cat snuck out the door and ran back inside. 

    Kate Pearce, 24, was on her way back home in New York, when she heard her cat meowing from down the stairs. 

    As she got in, Kate put her keys on the side and her new cat Stevie was accepting a lot of attention before quickly running out the door. 

    As Kate chases after her, she goes to shut the door behind her while she goes to get Stevie but before she’s able to, Stevie sneaks back in. 

    Realising she's locked outside, Kate has to call her supervisor to let her back in before eventually being reunited again with a shouting Stevie again. 

    Kate said: “I adopted a cat and after one week of having her, I heard her meowing as I got home from work. 

    “I decided to record her and I set my keys down as I got inside but she ran out quickly and while I rushed to get her back inside, the door shut, locking me out.

    “It was a hilarious accident and a lot of people loved the video.

    “Stevie doesn’t meow like this anymore, she’s gotten used to being indoors and is a very happy and healthy cat.” 


    Date posted: 21/11/22 Credit: ARK Media
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