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    Brotherly Love – Down Syndrome Man’s Adorable Reaction To Newborn Nephew


    Kyran O'Donnell, 33  from Victoria Australia films himself bringing his newborn daughter Rosie home to meet her uncle Bill for the first time.

    Bill Cooper; Kyran's brother in law of 10 and a half years has an absolutely heartwarming reaction, beaming with joy and clapping his hands together.

    Bill is a 26 year-old man with Down Syndrome. He is described by his family as "The most gentle, fun, loving brother, son and uncle."

    Kyran said: "Bill is adored by his family and friends. He is always the life of the party and making people smile.

    "I was excited for brotherboy to meet the newest addition, as I knew how much of a family man he is and how much he adores my first daughter.

    "Bill is a loveable young man, beautiful morals and values, a family man and protective of loved ones. He is a cheeky, sarcastic and funny lad with quick whit and a big heart. Not only my brother in law but also my best bud."


    Date posted: 04/05/22 Credit: the_brotherboys Via Ark Media
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