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    Boo-h! Winnie The Pooh Hilariously Scares Unsuspecting Disney Guest


    This Disney fan got the fright of their life when Winnie the Pooh unexpectedly snuck up on them. 

    Sophia Facciolo, 19, from Pennsylvania, was at Walt Disney World with her friends, when she noticed Winnie the Pooh acting sneakily near Bambi’s bitterly garden.

    She watched on as the bear slowly snuck behind an unsuspecting guest, before standing right next to them. 

    As the poor teen turned around, they got the scare of their life as they realised how close Pooh bear was to them, much to Sophia and her friends enjoyment. 

    Sophia said, “It was fun! I was having a good day and that just made it better!

    “I was with my friends getting in line for the Figment ride in EPCOT when I noticed Winnie the Pooh and stopped to take this video.

    “I don’t know the people in the video but I’ve gotten lots of laughs and smiles from this video, and a lot of Winnie Pooh jokes.”


    Date posted: 30/06/22 Credit: ARK Media
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