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    Bear Breaks Into Car In The Night And Gives Owner Nasty Scare In The Morning


    This bachelorette party were in for a fright as a bear had broken into a SUV and spent the night rummaging around, until they were able to release it through the boot of the vehicle in the morning.

    The owner of the car, Victoria Costantini, was woken up at 4:30am in the middle of the forest by a beeping horn in Arnold, California, on September 12 but upon investigating, there was nothing that looked out of place.

    But in the light of day, the party found Victoria's car was flashing its hazard and more honking of the car horn but the windows were clouded by condensation.

    The bear finally revealed itself which prompted everyone to keep a safe distance and from the security of a pickup truck, one person was able to trigger the lock on the boot and the bear hopped out and ran off into the wilderness.

    When Victoria looked inside the car, she found a ruined interior that was torn to shreds, from the seats to the sun visors and the dashboard.

    A tow truck had to be called to haul it back to the nearest town where it was deemed as totalled and written off.

    Victoria said: "I woke up at about 4:30 in the morning and I heard honking outside. That is unusual as I have spent time there for 15 years.

    "I made sure everything was locked up and I went back to bed and two hours later two of my girlfriends came in a bit frantic.

    "One was telling me that the other one had tried to open my car door because she thought I was in there in distress.

    "The condensation she could not see inside the car and thank God the doors were locked and she could not open them.

    "One of the girls went down and backed up her truck as I popped the hatch from my key fob on the balcony - that is when she yelled it’s a bear."


    Date posted: 30/09/22 Credit: ARK Media
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