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    Baffled Woman Goes Viral After Gaining Multiple Sunglasses From Holiday Abroad


    This woman was confused after realising she had gained two extra pairs of the same sunglasses from her holiday in Bali. 

    22-year-old graduate Felicity Irvine was unpacking at her home in East Sussex, UK, when she noticed that she had more than one pair of her sunglasses. 

    Capturing it on video, Felicity explained that while she was unpacking her bag, she got out a pair of sunglasses despite there already being a pair on the window sill. 

    Though confused, she carried on unpacking when she found her sunglasses case. 

    However, as she went to pack away a pair of sunglasses, she came across another pair sitting inside the case. 

    Baffled, Felicity took to TikTok where her video has amassed over 2.3 million views. 

    Felicity said: “My sunglasses have duplicated and I have no clue how. 

    “I was completely confused I thought someone was playing a prank on me

    “The glasses do all look slightly different but I’d just come back from Bali where I didn’t really associate with many other people so I couldn’t have stolen anyone else’s.

    “I still am completely clueless as to where these glasses have come from.” 


    Date posted: 16/09/22 Credit: @felicityirv via ARK Media
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