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    Baby Hears Mothers Voice After Having Cochlear Implants


    This adorable reaction from a baby is provoked by cochlear implants, a surgical procedure that allows the individual to hear.

    Martinette Geldenhuys captured the wholesome moments at home on the Western Cape, South Africa, of her one-year-old daughter Leandrie reacting to her mother's voice.

    Leandrie was born deaf which prompted the bi-lateral cochlear implant procedure and this footage captures Leandrie's adorable face when Martinette calls to her.

    Martinette said: "After being born deaf, my daughter got her bi-lateral cochlear implants and I started noticing for the first time how she responds to certain sounds!

    "This was me, her mom, loving the reaction I get when I startle her, as we never saw this in her!"


    Date posted: 09/11/22 Credit: ARK Media
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