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    Audience Member Enjoys Conducting Orchestra For Christmas Classic After Winning Raffle


    This very special raffle prize handed this lucky audience member to take up the conductor's baton and have fun during a classic Christmas tune.

    Charly Wenzel witnessed the hilarity on display when an audience member won the raffle to conduct the Chelsea Symphony Orchestra's performance of Leroy Anderson's Sleigh Ride, at their annual Christmas concert at St. Paul's Church in New York City on December 2nd.

    The idyllic music was being played but the man at the conductor's podium was waving his hands and the baton, playing into the musical cues.

    The animated audience member had the rest of the crowd giggling at his antics especially during the memorable slap wood section where the 'conductor' looked as if he was casting a spell with a wand.

    Charly said: "People were laughing, having fun watching an amateur giving their best imitation of a conductor; people said that he did an amazing job and that he was the perfect person to win the raffle.

    "People said that he was living his dream and a lot of people said they wished they could be a conductor for a day."



    Date posted: 05/12/22 Credit: ARK Media
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