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    Angry Orange Cat’s ‘Puss In Boots’ Video Viewed Over 14 Million Times


    Puss in Boots may have met his match in one-year-old Sushi, a feisty orange cat who did not like being brought outside to feel the wind.

    Owner Tori Jordan, a 27-year-old bartender from Pensacola, Florida, promised that Sushi is the sweetest cat - until she turns 'spicy'.

    The video quickly went viral on TikTok as users loved Sushi's crazy facial expressions she made at the weather on 30 August, with many comparing her to the most famed anthropomorphic cat, Puss in Boots.

    The young half Maine Coon is 'lazy but loud' according to her family, but is incredibly gentle with Tori's young daughter.

    Tori said: "We couldn’t stop laughing at the face she was making.

    "She would go from a sweet 'please save me face' to an angry 'I wish I could kill you' face.

    "Apparently the world loves spicy cats because people haven’t stopped asked for more."



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