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    Amazing DIY Dunkin Donut Ice-cream



    This video was filmed by Melva Rose Sampiano, 24 who is an administrative assistant from the Philippines. Ms. Sampiano told Ark Media that "When I was a child, my parents always brought me the Choco butternut before they came home from work as a treat for being well-behaved." As Melva grew up she always saw the Dunkin Choco butternut doughnut as a comfort food. This is because it brings back memories "of my happy and simple days which is especially needed during lockdown."

    Whilst in lockdown Ms. Sampiano " came up with the idea of combining my favourite donut with ice-cream." Since coming up with the idea Melva has practised and perfected her recipe and has recorded a tutorial "for everyone who loves to try something new."

    This video was filmed on the 7th November 2020.



    Date posted: 15/03/21 Credit: ARK Media
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