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    ADHD Sufferer Captures First Time Taking Medication With Tear-Jerking Reaction


    Mollie Burkitt has been living with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) her entire life but was only diagnosed and prescribed medication at 19-years-old, so she decided to capture her reaction to the process.

    The Lincolnshire native had decided to take her meds and record her reaction during her freshers week at university on September 20th, which turned into an emotional moment.

    In the video Mollie explains her situation that after a two year period, the doctors finally diagnosed her with ADHD and that she recently received her prescribed medication.

    Mollie was unaware about how quickly her medication would take affect and the obvious impact was an emotional moment as she described her focus and attention span changing, invoking positive yet overwhelming feelings.

    Mollie said: "This is the first time I ever took my ADHD medication after getting my diagnosis.

    "My diagnosis took two years so it was extremely important and overwhelming for me.

    "I was so extremely happy about it that I cried happy tears.

    "I received nothing but love and support from people and I had people sharing their own individual experiences with ADHD."


    Date posted: 27/09/22 Credit: ARK Media
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