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    82 Year Old Breaks World Record For Oldest Person To Perform A Headstand


    At 82 years and 43 days old, this man has become a Guinness World Record Holder by becoming the oldest male to perform a headstand.

    In the back yard of his home in Daajing Giids, British Columbia, Canada, on August 7, Bruce Ives stated his intent and went out and did the headstand.

    Months later, the attempt was verified by the officiators at Guinness on January 9th.

    The video was captured by granddaughter, Isabella Ramos and she said: "I was very excited as I knew he was capable of the headstand and had the chance to become a World Record holder, but it was very windy so we were worried the wind would knock his balance off."


    Date posted: 18/01/23 Credit: ARK Media
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