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    75 Year Old Man Is Tased After Back Broken, Then Arrested!


    Anthony Hall, 18, is from Wendell, Idaho, and filmed this video in front of his home on May 27th, 2021.

    "A truck driver followed my Grandpa home in road rage then proceeded to make a false 911 call saying we had guns, the arresting officer in the video showed up alone, taser drawn yelling at my unarmed Grandpa and dad in the driveway, not even knowing if they're the suspects!" said Anthony.

    "He then tried wrestling my grandpa to the ground after they turned their backs and complied" said Anthony.

    They found out later that the officer had broken his grandfather's back, before stepping back and tasing him.

    "He tased by dad in the back too, it was a two shot taser, so my grandpa got tased twice!" said Anthony.

    Date posted: 05/08/21 Credit: ARK Media
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