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    52-Year-Old Shows How She Fits Into Her Bread Bin


    A woman showcased how she fits into her tiny kitchen bread bin in a video which has since gone viral online with over 15.1 million views. 

    Kimberly Ward was at home in midwest Chicago when she decided to capture how she could climb into her kitchen bread bin. 

    Grabbing a glass of whisky, Kimberly sits on the counter before sliding her legs back into the tiny space behind her. 

    She fits in with ease as she slowly slides into the cupboard and even takes a bottle of whisky with her. 

    Kimberly said: “I can squeeze myself into the breadbox in my kitchen.

    “People are astonished, worried and wonder how big my breadbox is and think there is a secret room.” 



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    Date posted: 08/11/22 Credit: ARK Media
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