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    18 Year Old is an Incredible Dog Groomer


    Logan Rago, 18, is an incredible dog groomer based in Chicago, Illinois.

    He has a massive following on his TikTok and Instagram pages, @dogsbylogan, where he goes through the process of dog grooming and the challenges he faces.

    Logan said: "I got into dog grooming when I was sixteen years old. My co-workers taught me how to bathe dogs when I was fourteen.

    "They then started to teach me how to groom a few years later.

    "I actually knew I always wanted to work with animals but I wanted to be a vet first.

    "However, working as a dog groomer has unlocked a passion for me and I love my job so much and enjoy going to work every single day.

    "The toughest part about my job is definitely working with dogs that don’t get groomed often enough.

    "And dog grooming is a very physical job! Constantly standing and moving, picking up big dogs, and scissoring and shaving dogs can be exhausting!"


    Quirky Dog by Kevin MacLeod
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    Date posted: 06/05/22 Credit: ARK Media
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