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    13 Year Old Sets World Record For Assembling a Mr. Potato Head Toy in Less Than 6 Seconds


    Matilda Walden has got herself into the record books after setting a lightning-quick assembly time of a Mr. Potato Head toy in 5.69 seconds.

    The Lancashire teen has been recognised by Guinness World Records as the quickest person to put together all the individual elements of this particular children's toy on December 10th.

    Matilda began her journey three months prior and honed her dexterity skills to ensure she could beat the previous record of 6.62 seconds.

    She was already immediately matching the time previously set but finding the small margins was difficult until this record-breaking attempt that was verified in March 2022.

    The record involved Matilda taking all individual part which included slotting; eyes, arms, nose, moustache, ears, mouth and hat into the main body before securing to the feet section in the fastest time possible.

    Matilda's mother, Jayne said: "Matilda is always up for a challenge and enjoyed watching World Record attempts online.  She saw the Mr Potato Head one and thought that would be a great idea.

    "Matilda has learning difficulties and is Dyslexic, but her manual dexterity is very good.

    "She dedicated to improving her speed over about a three month period.

    "She could do the same time as the original World Record almost immediately but wanted to beat it by quite a margin, that took a few months practice.

    "She was totally dedicated and we are extremely proud of her."


    Date posted: 01/04/22 Credit: ARK Media
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